Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just got a coupon code for for BOGO75% off on their studio line of products! You better believe that I am going to make an order for the things I didn't get to pick up to try the last time! Each of their items are $3 in this line (for the most part) it is cheaper than purchasing at the drug store! I have begun to fall in love with this line! The colors are super pigmented, they blend well and for the items I have tried...they actually do what they claim!

Since these are cheaper products, I am comparing to drugstore brands I have used. Once I have done that comparisson, I will move on to letting e.l.f. battle it out with all my fav high end companies! We will see which ones come out on top!

Make sure to visit the site today...I don't know how long this code will last! I just got it so, I would say you would at the VERY least get 24 hours to use it! I am placing my order tonight, how about you???


Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

Thank you!!! on my way:)

MK said...

The code STUDIOBO will give you buy one get one FREE. It'll save you even more money. I hope this helps! (^-^)V