Monday, November 23, 2009

Changes Are Coming!

Hey everyone! I just wanted you to know that my blog will be under construction this week. I am going to reconfigure everything and change the look since I have found some killer templates. I hope to have the patience to change things up on a regular basis just so there is something new for you guys to look at! LOL!

So, if things look out of wack or if links aren't here or not working, no worries! Just know that everything should be back up and running VERY soon! Let me know what you guys think when it is done! After all, everything I do here is for each and every one of YOU!!!

Also, sorry for being a slacker this weekend and not posting. I had the weekend without my daughter and decided it would be a perfect time to lay around and do nothing since the holidays are approaching at full speed! Starting with Thanksgiving, it seems that I don't sleep again until after the New Year so one last weekend of rest was all I really wanted!

I will be ending the comment contest soon, so make sure to post your comments on my posts to be entered into the drawing for some great prizes! Don't worry, if you don't win this time, I will start another one shortly after this drawing! I will hold these once a quarter for you guys just to give back to you! Also, pretty soon, you will have the opportunity to comment on my videos that I post for a week! That will round out the giveaway! Stay tuned for more details!

So, thanks again for all of you guys reading and following. I know there are not a lot of you, but I appreciate each of you more than you know! I am just glad I have a small audience!

Take care and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week!! :)


toshiam said...

Thank you! You give out some great advice and tips. I enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos. I understand the "me" time. My daughter has been gone to grandma's for a few days. It's so quiet but I needed it! I had a lot of studying and homework that needed to be completed.

CMK2 said...

I am so ready for me time!! In fact I am doing a girls night out soon... But can't wait to see a new video from ya and the new look on the blog... Much love doll

Vanitys_Edge said...

Thank you guys! I can't decide on a layout yet, but I am going to make myself today or tomorrow! :)