Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MAC LE Collection Release - Baroque Boudior (Nov 09)

Personally, I think this collection is GORGOEUS!  Of course, the packaging has drawn me in this time!  It is simply devine in my opinion!  The colors are not some that I am tripping over myself to get a hold of, but I would kill to own one of each piece out of this collection...just for the packaging! 

The Mystery Powder is something that I WOULD love to have, but with a $60 price tag, I don't think it is something that I will get to have very soon!  The lipsticks or a gloss may be more attainable!  LOL!  But, my oh, my...IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

You can check out this new collection for yourself at MAC Cosmetics Online.  You can get free shipping by entering the code BAROQUE at check out too!  (Nothing better than free shipping!!! 

What are your thoughts on this collection?  What are your favorite colors?  Does the packaging appeal to you as well?  Do you plan to purchase any of this collection or are you saving your money for another one that is coming soon?  Let me know in the comments below and give yourself another chance to win the giveaway!  The comment time will be ending soon, so comment, comment, comment and you could be a winner! 


CMK2 said...

OOOOHHHHHH!!!!! I would love that collection. Your right it is absolutely beautiful!!!! I am so looking into updating my make-up collection next year. And I am so not going to let you know how old some of the stuff is in it. LOL! But right now Baby comes first then Momma. But you know how that one goes.Much love and you have so inspired me to create my own blog! But just a journal one. Going to leave the Guru stuff to ya'll. Much love

toshiam said...

I LOVE that packaging. I would also love to have the mystery powder, but I can't see myself paying $60 for it. I think I may pick up a gloss or lipstick instead.

The Malko's said...

I love MAC cosmetics, and these are lovely! THe packaging itsself is what draws me to them!


Vanitys_Edge said...

I would kill for it all, you know! Maybe just one thing and we would all be satisfied?? LOL! Prob not! Heheheh!