Sunday, November 8, 2009

Matte Nails...This Season's Big Thing!

What do you think about it…the matte nail polish craze?? Personally, I LOVE matte nails! It is something different that is for sure! I have tried a few brands of matte polish and have liked them all okay for the most part. I LOVE my zoya matte though. They are by far my most fav. But, really getting into purchasing matte shades was getting sort of expensive. I mean, I am basically repurchasing colors I have again, only because the formulation creates a different finish on my nails.

So, I decided when the China Glaze Matte Magic came out, I HAD to have it! I was at Sally’s the day they put it in stock…I know, that’s bad. Why didn’t I just get the Essie brand or something? Well, I sort of prefer China Glaze to Essie and every site I went to to get it from was sold out! That just pissed me off! Anyway, don’t expect a full size container when and if you order this online. The size is comparable to their sets’ sizes. However, a little goes a long way!

I really used it for the first time last night. I painted on a ridge filler, which I feel is key to the perfect matte nail, and China Glaze in the color Cords. The original color of cords to me is almost a chrome like shade… sort of slate grey/pink when it catches the light. I LOVE the finish of this color! Once the matte top coat is applied, the pinky undertones are taken out and the slate color is left. I actually have a pair of cords this color! LOL! I LOVE my nails today!
The matte coat dries pretty fast so I had no accidents even though I was working on swatches while doing my nails! Hehehe! AND the ridge filler made all the difference in the world. Matte top coats, on me anyhow, show EVERY imperfection and line on my nails, but this ridge filler gets into those lines/cracks and closes them up making for the perfect canvas to paint your color!

My only issue with the Matte Magic and ALL the mattifiers and matte shade polishes is that they chip SO easily! I mean, I have not done any heavy duty work (besides put on my MU) this morning, and I have already chipped 2 nails!!! It really bums me out because I can normally keep my painted nails looking great for at least 4 days! Ah, well, I guess that is the price we pay….or is it?!

If you have any advice for me and everyone else that is in love with a matte nail finish, let us know in the comments below! How do you keep your matte mani looking great for more than 12 hours?? LOL! What products do you use and what special steps do you take to keep them chip free? I mean, these are noticeable chips! I have to go through the work day with crummy looking nails and that makes me kinda self conscious. I know…that’s stupid, but I am sure at least some of you know what I mean!

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toshiam said...

I haven't tried the matte polishes yet but I want to. I guess I'm a little late compared to everyone else haha! I need to see if my Sally's has Matte Magic. I have a gorgeous purple polish that I would like to try it out on.

kempkat79 said...

I am curious if it is just the china glaze that you tried that chips easily or did you find that problem with all the matte finish polishes you have tried so far?

brenlorken said...

I guess i'm a bit late too. Thanks for the info, definetely going to sally's this weekend to see if they carry Matte Magic.