Monday, November 30, 2009

Please Excuse My Mess...

Hey you guys! So I chose a layout for my blog and I am working hard to get it all finished and working correctly! If, for now, links or photos don't work, rest easy, everything will be working normally soon! I have wanted a new layout for the longest long time, but have put it off since there is SO much that goes into putting a new one up! So, if you guys could just bear with me for a moment, I will have it all done in the next couple of days!

OH, if you have any suggestions or comments on the new layout or anything that I should include in the side bars to the right or below, just let me know! Thanks so much for coming by today you guys! Remember to comment, comment, comment so you can win this quarters comment giveaway!!! I finally got the two prizes together and there will most likely just be one winner for this quarter! I will be making a vid to show what I got you guys soon!!

Much love always you guys!!


toshiam said...

I like the new layout! It looks great!

CMK2 said...

I love the new blog doll and knowing you it is just the start to a new look and better info/blog for us. Much Love!

P.S. to all reading VANITYSEDGE today she has had some problems with her blog and has been unable, since the new page change to log back on and get back in to this blog so please bare with her and she should have this problem fixed. She is keeping track of all entered in the contest and it is still going and this problem will not affect the contest what so ever.