Friday, November 13, 2009

Step by Step to Become the Wicked Witch

I promise, this is not has hard as it seems! I know there are a great deal of steps, but they are tedious. That is why this "directions" post looks SO long! Sorry! Well, here goes nothin!

Step One: Use a neutralizing concealer all over your face. I used a green mineralized one by Jane. Do not apply to the brow or eye area.

Step Two: Using Elmers Glue Stick (I like to use the purple so I can see where I’m putting it) & a spatula, cover your brows. Make sure it is smooth and dry before applying makeup. I do this so I can use the tissue process (step 10) over the brows or right up to them. It makes it easier on those hairs when you are tearing off the tissue at the end of the night! LOL!

Step Three: Apply nose and chin prosthetics using spirit gum. I apply spirit gum to the prosthetics first then to my face. Allow to dry to a tacky finish, then adhere. (This stuff dries fast, so work quickly!!!) If you are wearing a nose, cut out the nose holes bigger so the warm air you breathe out doesn’t collect in the nose causing the glue to release. Move your face around so it will fit on your face when you talk or make expressions! LOL!

Step Four: Prime your eyes. I used UDPP.

Step Five: Conceal your brows using the same green concealer.

Step Six: Use cream/grease paint to color your eye area. I used Ben Nye Cream Paint in Kelly Green & my finger. (Feel free to use a brush, but this application gave me the best results.)

Step Seven: Apply red cream/grease paint to the lid and lower lash line, for a tired look. I used Mac Paint in Flammable. Blend out any harsh lines with a soft blending brush. I used my Lowe Cornelle Maxine’s Mop that is similar to the Mac 252…add more where needed.

Step Eight: I put on a hood so I wouldn’t have to make up my entire face, neck and ears!!! My mom had this from when she was the Wicked Witch of the West in a touring company. You could probably get one at a costume shop or online.

Step Nine: Apply green cream/grease paint all over your face in an even layer. I used, again, Ben Nye Cream Paint in Kelly Green. Keep in mind this is the paint the tissue is going to soak up, so put on a nice coating!!!

Step Ten: Tear regular Kleenex into 3 strips and dump some Elmers School Glue out into a dish. I used a foam paint brush to apply the glue to my skin. Make sure to do one area at a time, not the whole face. I did the forehead, each cheek, and the area around the chin…so four areas.
Apply 2 ply tissue over the glue and create wrinkles with your fingers. Before the glue dries, remove the second layer of tissue. (I leave this on while creating the wrinkles because it keeps my fingers from getting so much glue on them and all that extra staying on your face.) Clip away the extra tissue you don’t need and add more glue in any area that needs it.

This process is pretty tedious, so take your time and be patient. Just make sure to overlap the nose/chin with the tissue to make it all blend together and look more real!!! If the glue needs help drying, you can use a hair dryer on a low or cool setting.

Step Eleven: With my spatula, I applied glue around all of the edges where the Kleenex and skin met. This will help blend the tissue into the skin more and just make it look like another wrinkle. Use the spatula to “flatten” the glue onto the skin.

Step Twelve: Apply green cream shadow to the upper lid and brow. I used the MUFE Flash Color Palette and my finger.

Step Thirteen: Apply more of your “skin color” over the tissue so you get a deep green color. Again, Ben Nye Cream Color in Kelly Green and a wedge sponge was used. Make sure to blend the color up and over the prosthesis and any edges of the tissue.

Step Fourteen: Damn there are a lot of steps!! LOL!!!

Step Fifteen: Contour, using the lines of the prosthetics and the normal places you would contour. Plus, put dark circles under your eyes. Sink in as much of your face as you have time to. I would have done lots more had I had time. Also, use a lighter green to highlight as well! To contour and highlight, I used the MUFE Flash Color Palette…black and green with a Lowe Cornelle Maxine’s Mop similar to 252.

Step Sixteen: Use MAC Burnt Burgandy pigment to set the flammable paint and deepen the crease and dark circles around the eye. I used a fluffy blending brush…Sigma 224.

Step Seventeen: If you would like, paint on extra wrinkles with the black in the MUFE palette, the Kelly Green, or a mixture of both, using a fine lining brush. I used the MAC 210. Make sure to blend them out well. These don’t have to be perfect. Just follow your own laughlines/wrinkles.

Step Eighteen: Draw in evil eyebrows. I used the Ardell Brow Pencil in Black.

Step Nineteen: Using any green or combination of dark green eye shadows you would like, set the cream colors beneath the brow to make it look more like you are wearing shadow in that area. This will also help to cover any brow/brow cover you have showing still. I just used a fluffy shadow brush, the Soft Focus Shadow by Bare Minerals .

Step Twenty: Tightline your eyes with a dark black pencil. I used Smolder Eye Kohl by Mac. Make sure to work it into your lashes so NO white/light colored skin shows through! Use a cream liner and line your upper and lower lash line to help with this. You can wing it out like mad if you want or keep it normal, thick or thin. I used Mineral Couture Effects Cream Liner in Black with a Mac 210 brush.

Step Twenty-One: Apply false lashes if you would like and mascara. I didn’t get to apply my lashes…I ran out of time…BOO!!!!!

Step Twenty-Two…and final!!! Line your lips with a dark red/burgundy liner. Fill in your lips with a bright red liner….OR…use a color stay gloss like I did. I used the Maybelline Super Stay Gloss in the reddest candy apple red they had! I let that dry about a minute but before it was set, I applied a little burnt burgundy pigment to contour. Then, I made a few extra wrinkles along the lips.

I know that seems like a lot of steps, but most of them are self explainatory! If you feel you would like a video explaination of the tissue application process, let me know in the comments below! This is just another way to do old person makeup, creepy skin, or wounds. It can really be modified for any of those applications! PLUS, it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth when you peel it off!!! Hahaha! Just make sure to wash well with baby wipes and cold cream, rinse and wash with your normal face wash so you don’t break out! Make sure you don’t have any skin allergies to grease or cream makeup before doing this makeup. Elmers school glue is made of predominantly water…so you should be good there!
I did not make a seperate products list since the products I used are listed in the steps above. However, if you would like a list, just comment below and I will make one and post it for any of you guys that are intersted!
If you would like to see the video application, here is the link!

Let me know what you guys think of the application! It really is easier than it looks!!! Keep an eye out for the third installment in my Halloween videos!!! The last one is REALLY fun!!!!


toshiam said...

I loved this. The tissue to make wrinkles was a genious idea!

kempkat79 said...

The video was awesome. Me and my dad loved it to start off and am so thinking I might have to do that next year. Unless you come up with something else I will love more. But anyway I would love to see or have you give an explanation on the whole tissue process. We were so curious about it. Much love from us to you and we are digging what you do.

Vanitys_Edge said...

Toshiam: Thanks! My mom discovered this trick when she was playing this character in a stage production of Wiz of Oz. It was in an old theatre makeup book of hers! Not only does it work well, it also makes your skin super soft when you peel it off! LOL!

Kempkat79: Your dad is here?? :) Tell him I said hey and thanks for watching! If you wanna be this character, I would happily help you out! I will do a trick vid on using the tissue and the exacts of what to use and do for different characters and applications for you. It is easier than you think...just a tedious process! I will start getting that vid together for you! Thanks honey!