Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Do You Think...Your Vote Counts!

I was thinking, since I didn’t get to do any Halloween tutorials because I was SO busy, I would like to make it up to you guys! I would like to still do some of the looks I had planned to do, just because they look fun and I want to try them! LOL! I know there are a lot that other gurus have done, but I feel that everyone’s vision is different and even if the character is the same, everyone has a tendency to put their own spin on things.

This is what I was thinking about doing and I need your opinion and insight. I absolutely LOVE Halloween and wish it could last year round! So, why don’t we!? I believe I will have the time at least once a month to research and produce a halloween look for you guys. I don’t know about you, but I am already starting to think about what I am going to be next year and how I am going to make my costume. I refuse to wait til the last minute for EVERYTHING again next year! Plus, in my mind, this would provide people with enough time to acquire the proper materials and perfect what they want to do! I know, I know, you ask…”A year in advance…REALLY?” and I say yes! This way, I can have my Halloween year round and help you guys out that do theatre or performance and spark interest for your perfect Halloween costume! Then, I would like to hold a contest in October to bring it all to a close!

What do you think? If I have time, I could also show you guys how to make come costumes. That way, you don’t end up walking into the Halloween party of the century wearing the same costume as 15 other people! THIS is why I generally make my costume and my daughters every year. Plus, if you plan ahead, you can purchase some of the components and fabric after Halloween when they are super on sale! I mean…how can you beat 75% off and getting crazy lashes for a little over $1?? (Yes, I bought 5 pair of lashes at Target the other night for that much! I was SUPER pumped!) I mean think about it…prosthesis components, makeup, and costumes are NOT cheap!

Anyhow…it is just a thought! Let me know what you think and if you are on board…let me know what you are thinking about dressing up as for Halloween next year and maybe I will do a look or a costume that could possibly help you out!! I already know what I am going to be next year…I will for sure show you guys! It is never too early to plan such a huge night in advance! We all Christmas shop early and start buying our Turkeys early before the good ones are gone! Why not treat Halloween the same!?
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GoofyKitty said...

Halloween all year sounds perfect!!! Its always fun to try to do weird looks even if you will not wear them out of the house!

~Dream In Color

toshiam said...

YAY for Halloween year round! I say GO FOR IT! Maybe I can get some ideas on what I want to do next year =)

kempkat79 said...

I would not only like to see some Halloween looks through out the year which I think is a awesome idea. But I absolutely would love some tips on the how to on costumes.

Vanitys_Edge said...

Kempkat79: I will certainly give some tips and tricks on making and pulling together your own costumes! I have made Maysen's 3 years now and each year they have turned out pretty well!

Toshiam: My thought was that people that were interested could get ideas early and start getting everything together sooner rather than later!

GoofyKitty: I totally agree! I LOVE putting on crazy makeup just for fun and practice! :)

Thank you guys for your interest and input on me working on some halloween/character looks throughout the year. I will start putting one together for next month as well as some tips on where to get the best deal and tricks on putting a costume together on the fly and on a budget!

If anyone else has input on this subject, requests for looks, or thoughts on different videos to do...please let me know in the comments! Not only will that help me out, but it will enter you in the fall giveaway!! :)