Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blogger Rant! WTH??

So, I really dig you, Blogspot/Blogger!  But...why the hell are you not working for me lately??  Every time I pull up my site, this gadget or that gadget isn't working.  It isn't me on my YouTube vid bar, my followers aren't displayed loud and proud at the top of my page, my adsense is not there and countless other things are going wrong!  I cannot leave comments on my posts, much less any one else's!  I mean, I would really like to show my love to other people I love to read and tell KoKo, yes, you do deserve it and CMK2 & toshiam...dang, you guys are some of the best commenters in the WORLD!  I really wish the kinks would get worked out around here!  I love how easy this site is, but if it doens't start wokring for me soon, I will have to move and I REALLY don't want to do that after all I have gone through to get this page where I wanted it! 

Well, anyhow...that is my rant.  I am pretty angry about not being able to use this easily, and I am not the only one!  Tell me your rant about blogger/blogspot and what hasn't been working for you here or on other's blogs (or your own of course)!  I am tired of feeling like it is just ME that the site hates!  LOL!

Loves you guys!


toshiam said...

I see what you mean about it not showing your videos for youtube. It has been when I visit but now it is showing random ones. That is crazy! Either way, I will follow you if you have to move your blog. You have some great advice and information! I hope it gets fixed soon. I have a blog but I haven't updated in a while.

Your videos just popped up while I was typing this but they just went back to random ones. Craziness!

Laura said...

Girl, IDK what is going on! I am amazingly able to write comments right now, but I am sure if I close it out, i won't be able to again! It is a bit aggrivating! I LOVE blogger...except for this! I checked the YT video widget and when i pull it up on my dashboard, my vids pull up! UGH...whatever. Such is life when technology is involved! LOL! Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it honey! OH...finally got one of the giveaway gifts today! :) Now if only the other one will get here, I will be a happy camper and I can give them away to you guys! Yay!

CMK2 said...
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CMK2 said...

Yeah I am still unable to post my freakin picture's and it makes more to the story when you can show them I might just try another place if it comes down to I have to buy more space. But you darn well know what ever you do I will still be following your blog. By the way did you get the picture's?

Laura said...

So, FINALLY everything seems to be working okay. My YT widget still has issues, and I don't know if you guys can see all my ads or my followers gadget when you get on, but for the most part, things are working alriht....for now!!!!