Monday, December 14, 2009

What Did You Ask For?

I know there are many other celebrations during the holidays, besides Christmas. I can certainly appreciate each and every one of them. So, please know when I am talking about Christmas or the holidays, know that I mean every holiday around this time! I am showing no prejudice by saying Christmas…but that is what I celebrate, so it is sort of what I will lean more towards talking about. I apologize if that offends anyone. I certainly mean no harm.

That being said…I would LOVE to know what you all would like for Christmas! What have you asked for from your loved ones, Santa, or what are you planning to simply get for yourself! Yes, it is the holidays and it is better to give rather than receive, BUT every year, there is always something that I put off buying because I can hardly justify it in most cases. If I don’t buy this something for myself prior to the holiday, I will take some of the cash I get for Christmas and pick it up. Generally, Christmas money pays off some sort of debt or bill, but I always try to allocate some cash for something that I may have asked for that I didn’t get. If you are like that…I want to know about it!

You can post your list here in the comments section if you would like! I will also be doing a video on my YouTube page asking for video responses of your “Gift List” (which is what we will call it so we can cover all of the holidays! I would love to know what you all have asked for and it is a great way to tell your loved ones what you would like as well!

So, what are you waiting for?? Get to listin’!


woodwinkedgirl said...

oh material girls have some loooong lists! Honestly, it's hard to think critically about what you want to receive. Sure, I'd love a lifetime supply of Lush products...or a gift basket full of makeup goodies. But how do you turn down something nice like a Tiffany necklace?? Looks like I'm asking Santa for the last one :)

what's on YOUR wishlist?

toshiam said...

I asked my husband for gift cards, the deluxe fragrance sampler from Sephora (you try them all and turn in a certificate for a free bottle of the one you liked the most), or an engagement ring. I lost my engagement ring because I lost weight so now my hand looks bare without it. I told him just to pick what he wants to get. I do know there is a Sephora box under our tree right now, and he said he got me some other stuff. I really didn't have a long list because I've been buying some stuff throughout the year. There's not much that I really wanted this year.

CMK2 said...

On my wish list is to sleep for 12 hours straight and have someone babysit. Yeah I still have the whole seperation thing going but it is getting better. So with that a warm bed in a quiet room and straight 12 hrs of straight sleep is on my list. Along with sweater dress's to go with my new kick A** knee high boots.
By the way what is on your wish list?

Anonymous said...

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Macbella2 said...

I only had a few things I really wished for this Holiday Season. It's the new Kat Von D eyeshadow palette (True Love, Sinner fragrance, and MUFE #92 e/s. Me thinks hubby will stick a Sephora GC in my stocking LOL

Laura said...

MAN! I really wish I would've had time to post a vid to get your lists in vid responses! Maybe, I will have time while I am off to do one on what you DID get for the holidays! I LOVE the fragrance sampler idea! That would be awesome! I mean, you just never know with things like that! CMK2, what kind of sweater dress?? You want a phatty belt to go with it or one that simply hangs?? I hope you ALL get exactly what you ask for and more, you all deserve it! :)