Thursday, February 4, 2010

Foundation Issues...Try Your Concealer Instead!

I was talking to my best friend, from the web, yesterday and we both ended up ranting about how we needed new foundation and didn't quite know what to get.  We chatted about new drugstore brands first and foremost since money is tight these days.  Then, as always, the coversation turned to MAC...go figure! 

Molly ended up telling me that she prefers a matte foundation and would LOVE to have one that wouldn't end up being non-existant by midday.  I have to agree with her!  Well, the other night, she ended up at MAC...another go figure...looking for foudnation!  Because the suggestion the MUA there made, I asked Molly to write a little something about her visit to the counter.

"The MAC MA suggested that since I wanted a foundation that lasted longer than my current foundation (which is a mixture of face and body, tinted moisterizer, and studio sculpt) that I could use a concealer. She said that since I have good skin I could use the Studio Finish concealer on problems spots, and then use their Prep and Prime powder to set the concealer. My main concern when going in was finding something that would last through work, and was matte. If you have a more labor intensive job this might not work as well. I was finding that even with a desk job my little mixture was melting off halfway through a normal work day. After the MA applied the concealer ( which she only used a very tiny bit with their small stippling brush) I could see a difference. It didn't look like I was wearing foudation/concealer, and it was matte. Perfect!!"    Molly Dermer 2.4.10

Concealer!  Seriously, I never thought about doing it!  It IS essentially the same thing with the same types of ingredients.  So, I ended up having my own experience this afternoon.  I had to be at my daughters' school immediately after work today.  Obviously, since MY foundation doesn't last all day, I wanted to touch up my makeup before going.  As usual, I forgot to put something in my makeup foundation & beauty blender!  I remembered this conversation with Molly, so I grabbed my Boi-ing concealer by Benefit and tried a little on my cheek.  It seemed to be working so I applied a light, even coat all over.  Followed by my BE Matte foundation, the combination gave me a nearly flawless look to my skin!  The only issues was where my acne has ended up flaring up again...nothing covers that! 

So, if you are in a bind or even if you are looking to try something new for foundation, reach for your concealer!  You will most likely be impressed by the results!

Have you tried this??  Where did you get the idea from if you have?

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toshiam said...

Thanks for the tip! I have always wondered about that but never tried it. I'm going to have to try it now.