Monday, February 15, 2010

MAC Riveting - Hot or Not?

As usual, I am excited about yet another MAC collection!  I got this email with photos showing the MAC Riveting Collection on this weekend and I am pretty stoked about it.  I suppose, like the round-up thoughts on Temptalia, most are going to think this collection is a leave it.  Well, the reason I hope to get my hands on some of it is because it embodies that whole rocker look that I am in love with at the moment. 

Hot pink, black, and silver are colors I just love, especially when it comes to makeup.  Not many people feel they can break out and go for the use of these colors on an every day basis.  No, not everyday do I want to throw on hot pink lipstick and black glitterly nails, but most days I do!  LOL! 

I especially want to get my hands on the nail polishes!  Black Enough? is a leave it for me, because I have a matte black, but Wham, Bam, Glam & Studded are two colors I would like to grab up.  I am VERY into the whole matte nail thing and I just hope that MAC has improved their formula enough for me to not end up kicking myself in the butt for buying them!

The glosses and lipsticks are very pretty and will be in my bag together to layer and wear together, especially Rockout Lipglass.  I think this see thru, silver glitter will look great over just about any lipstick in your collection!  And, if I don't get to buy anything else, Show Orchid and Riveting lipsticks will be coming home with me!  :)  Talk about PRETTY!

The blushes for me are the take it or leave it items.  I believe I have some blushes that are similar already in my collection.  Don't get me wrong, they are VERY pretty colors, but I feel easily dupable.

This collection releases this Thursday, Feb 18th at your counter and PRO stores.  You will most likely see it online in the next day or so as well.  Until then, check out for photos and product swatches!  (Man, I wish I was as lucky as her to be able to get all these products in hand prior to release!  How much fun would THAT be??!!)  Let me know what you guys think of this it a Love It or Leave It for you?  If it is a NOT for you, tell us why and if it is HOT for you, tell us what you plan to get and why you love it!


toshiam said...

Love it and want it! Not a fan of bubbles and molten(?) lipstick, but I would love to have everything else! I just wish I had the funs to support this collection =(

CMK2 said...

It looks like a interesting collection... Some of it would be to bold or dark for me.. I would love to see you get your hands on some of it and see what you could do with it

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