Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Your Cuticles & Stop Picking Them!

Hi, my name is Laura and I'm a...finger picker (as my family has so sweetly named me).  I know, I know, it is TERRIBLE for my nails and terrible to look at!  But, I am working to reform myself.  Actually, it is in my genes, so I was doomed from the beginning (my mom is a cuticle picker)!

So, she was at the dermatioligist last week and the doctor noticed.  After scolding her for 20 minutes about how bad it is for your skin and your nails, she gave her the best trick ever!  Of course, you can use moisturizer or cuticle oils to help with the dryness, but those are not always the most portible resolutions to this problem  The derm said to grab a hold of a tube of Vaseline Advanced Lip Therapy (at Wal-Mart, Target, or any corner drugstore).  It is the only lip balm that Valleline makes.  It is not in a stick but in a tube. 

Every time you feel a rough spot on or around your cuticles, reach in your pocket for this little gem in a tube!  Massage into the cuticles and any other dry spot on your nails/hands.  Let it absorb into your skin and viola!  It is a little greasy, so I wouldn't suggest just getting it all over your hands and typing out your novel, but it doesn't take much time to absorb.

Since I have been doing this little tip, I have had MUCH less cracking, peeling and bleeding of my cuticles and nail beds.  On top of this trick, I have kept my nails polished and that is always something that will curb my desire to pick at my cuticles or nails.  I am really impressed at my dedication to this.  Wish I could say the same for my mother!  LOL!  I am sure she is fiddling with her nails now!

Are you a nail/cuticle picker?  What other bad habits do you have that you will admit to us?  If you have a trick to help stop biting and grow longer nails, let us know in the comments below!  Remember, all comments get you an entry into the on-going quarterly giveaway!  I am rounding up some great prizes you probably won't want to miss out on!


toshiam said...

Thanks for the tip! My cuticles look like crap! I admit that I am a nail picker. My nails are usually pretty brittle so I will pick at them because it drives me crazy. I also have a habit of picking my finger nail polish off. I only do this if one of my nails is chipping. I don't do touch-ups so I just pick it all off o_O

Laura said...

I am the exact same way! LOL! However, since I started doing this and making sure to polish my nails on a regular basis and take care of them, mine have started looking ALOT better! I am actually not embarassed to post NOTD pics anymore! :) said...

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