Thursday, February 18, 2010

NOTD: Nail of the Day - Forrest Green Shimmer

You Are HotHOT OR NOTPouty

Love it or Leave it?  It won't hurt my feelings either way you vote!  I found this Nicole by OPI polish at TJMaxx for $1!!  Yep, one buckaroo.  I had never tried these polishes up until this point.  I really didn't want to spend $7 at Target on a polish that may or may not work.  I figured I would give it a whirl since it was such a steal!  (OH, TJMaxx also had Essie polish for $1-$4 each.  If you have one of these stores locally, make sure to go check it out!)
First impression, on the first coat of this polish was that it was going to be crap.  I mean, it went on super thin and almost looked like motor oil with glitter in it.  See, I generally start off with one relatively thin first coat of color, so it doesn't take as long to dry.  But, by the time I got the second coat on, the color was completely opaque and looked rather nice.  The dry time was about normal.  I let each coat dry for about 30 minutes before moving to the next.  It doesn't have the high shine finish I love so, as usual, I added 2 coats of my Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat (6.99) that I got at Sally's

I have had this polish on now for about 16 hours.  Generally, if I use the Seche Vite Top Coat, I will not have any tip wear or chipping until about the 2nd or 3rd day when I am working.  I am pretty hard on my mani's at work, considering the manual labor I do some days and all the typing that goes on.  I am pretty disappointed that I already have tip wear and that the edge of one of my nails has already chipped.  Crying 1  I have just never had this issue this quickly since I started with the SV.  I am wondering if it is the formula of the polish?  I haven't done anything strenuous to my nails yet today...just type a couple of emails and this blog!
<<--And please don't mind the messy mani.  I had not gone back to clean up mistakes before I made the picture.  Plus, my nails are short again from breaking.  I have the most wussy nails on the face of the planet!  Anyone know of a great strengthener/anti break treatment that works?  I will pay upwards of $15 for something that will acutally do me some good!  :)  Leave suggestions in the comments below.

I would rate this particular polish a 3 out of 5.  I realy love the color, but the consistancy is sort of lame.  I like a polish that if I apply one layer and I need to run out for something then it isn't this huge issue and you can't tell I have one layer on.  One star was taken away once I noticed the quick tip wear and chip.  I really dislike the brush, which is why this brand has lost the other star from me.  (This is the only factor of packaging I really take into effect.  Most polishes are packed about the same besides that.)  It is too narrow and not full enough for my liking.  You might even be able to do some designing with this brush.  I LOVE the brushes in the Sally Hansen Qwik Dry Polishes.  They fit my nail perfectly and go on in one to two strokes.  The color is great.  I am really diggin this green.  However, I feel that I do have a color that is similar, just thinner than this one!  Needless to say, I never wear that other polish! 

Let me know what your favorite colors are from Nicole by OPI.  I would like to pick up a few more to try out since the formula wasn't just dreadful!  LOL!


toshiam said...

Thanks for the review! I haven't tried Nicole by OPI yet. I was looking at it at wal-mart the other day. There were some very pretty colors, but I didn't feel like spending the $7 on it then. I am thinking about picking up one of them though. It's a WM exclusive. It's called midnight starry skies(or something like that). It's clear with little stars in it. I think it would be neat for a little something extra. I like that green! I may have to pick up a couple of them and try them out. I need some more nail polish anyway. I have already gone through all of the colors I have.

Laura said...

I had great luck with this brand and would spend the $7 on it. I have found coupons in the sunday paper too, so keep your eye out! My next mission is to try their quick sticks (and the ones from sally hansen too). I saw the clear polishes with the confetti in them. I KNOW those would be fun if I could keep my daughter out of them! LOL!

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