Friday, February 26, 2010

NOTD: Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Have you checked out this nail polish brand at Walgreens?  Obviously, it is called Sinful Colors Professional.  I have a few colors from this brand and really like them for the price!  Purchasing any of the colors from this line will only cost you $1.99 and any of the treatments are only $3.99!  THAT right there is a STEAL especially for the quality you get.

Personally, I don't like super thick polishes, it makes it pretty difficult to apply 2 thin coats, which is what I do (drying in between).  This formula isn't as thick and goopy as some brands, but that doesn't mean you will sacrifice pigmentation and coverage!  The lighter colors and the matte shades they have won't generally apply with one coat and give me the opaque look I want, but most of the normal, everyday colors will if I am in a rush.  I have never had issues with streaking and the color is generally even throughout the entire manicure.  The brush offers decent control around the cuticles because it isn't ginormus, so I didn't make too big of a mess this go around!  LOL!

This particular color is called Mint Apple.  I was intrigued by this color because of all the new mint polishes on the market that I can't seem to stumble across in the stores.  Of course, I can place an order, but when I order one thing, I want to order a million more items to go with it and save on shipping.  (Is that your excuse too??  Please tell me I'm not the only one!  LOL!)  I was worried this color was going to be thin since I own glitters and mattes from this company and none in the pastel category.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when I got the results I described above!  I think this HAS to be my favorite polish!  I got SO many compliments when I wore it too!

I have started doing my DIY mani's a bit different these days so my color will generally last no less than 4 days!  Some polishes will give me 6!  I plan to do a DIY Mani video on YouTube soon, so make sure to keep your eye out for that! 

Let me know what you think of this Mint revolution!?  Do you thing it's HOT OR NOT?!  If you love it, what mint polishes have you picked up and why do you love them or hate them?  I would like to find one that is creamy and has no shimmer to it.  Where I LOVE this one, I think I would enjoy Essie's Mint or Chanel's Jade more.  I really like the Chanel, because it is more of a true green and the Essie is a bit on the blue side, like the Sinful Colors version above. 

Make sure to check out Sinful Colors at your local Walgreens!  You can pick up 4 bottles for the price of ONE OPI!  Now, THAT is a deal in my book!  :)


toshiam said...

Thanks for posting this! I have seen sinful colors at walgreens but never stopped to look. I will definitely check them out now. I'm paying at least $6 for my china glaze so a cheap alternative is always welcome!

Laura said...

DON'T PAY THAT MUCH FOR ChG!!! Go to or to get ChG for $3-$4 and OPI for $4-$5 per bottle! Their shipping is reasonable as well! I have stopped buying those brands in the stores and started buying online!