Thursday, August 6, 2009

July Favs! There's a first time for everything!

I feel like July was a month of rediscovery of sorts! So many things happened in my life in general it's amazing that I even had a moment to notice makeup at all! Following the passing of my dog, getting a new puppy, and work slowing down a bit, I feel that I actually have a moment to get back on track with my passion! So, here is just a break down of a few of my favs from the month and some that I rediscovered when going through the mountain of drawers on my vanity!

I fell in love with my Lemon Aid (by Benefit) this month! When I purchased this product on eBay at the beginning of the summer, I absolutely hated it! It had claimed to be a primer, among other things. I found that it did it's job with neutralizing the color on my lids, but the primer part of the story hardly fit! So, I threw it back in my drawer planning to never use it again! But, low and behold, I found a use for this little pot of pure joy! The inner area of my eyes around my nose have a tendancy to look blue and almost bruised, so following UDPP/Erase Paste application, I dab a bit of the Lemon Aid in that area and my eyes are instantly brightened! I love this product!

After a great deal of searching, I found a CHEAP tinted moisturizer that works pretty well, as long as it isn't 97% humidity outside! LOL! This moisturizer is by Wet 'N Wild. I don't love the formulation, but the coverage and the color on me work pretty well under my Bare Minerals foundation. Plus, the price is SO right at around $3.50 a tube! For the money, it is worth a shot, I think!

When Marlena, our YT resident MUG, posted her eyeliner only look contest, I looked at it as an opportunity to scan all the drugstores in my area for liners I may not have found before! When I was in Walgreens, on this mission, I discovered a brand of liners (they also make glosses) that is super cheap, yet work super well! The brand is Jordana and I believe I purchased almost all of the liner colors they make as well as some of the lip liners out in their line! They have Kohl Kajal and Retractable Pencils in some of the most gorgeous colors I have ever seen! The colors I can compare to Urban Decay (the formulation is obviously different). These liners range in price from 99 cents to $3.99. I purchased their liquid liner in brown, which is like a marker, as well! I have been thoroughly pleased with these liners, for a drugstore brand!

Last, but certainly not least, has been my beloved Erase Paste (by Benefit)! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT MORE THAN ICE CREAM! (That's saying a whole lot since ice cream is my one weakness when it comes to food! LOL!) It covers the dark circles I often wake up with (from staying up "practicing" late every nite) and helps conceal blemishes that we all hate! This product comes in three color levels, so you will be able to find something that will work for you! I love to set it with Benefit's Powderflage to brighten these problem areas even more!

My top hair product has to be my Bed Head After Party! This product is what I use after styling to keep my hair from getting so frizzy in the humid air here! IT REALLY DOES WORK! The best part about it is that I stumbled across it at a discount store here in town and ended up paying only $3.50 for the bottle!!! (It retails for over $18 in drugstores here!) I couldn't ask for a better product to keep my flyaways at bay and keep my hair looking gorgeous and shiny all day!!

These are just a few of my top products for July! There are a great deal more that I will be putting into a video and posting on YouTube if you are interested. Once I have the link, I will edit this post so you can directly check out more of my favs if you are interested! I am going to be working on some contests for the next couple of days and will post some photos of my creations here to get you gal's opinions! (I value what my peers think about my work...that's what I feel makes us all better artists!)

Thank you all for following my blog! Once my numbers start to climb, I will more than likely post some give aways to say thanks, so spread the word and let's get the traffic flowing through this site!!! Also, make sure you got to YouTube, create an account and sub to my channel if you haven't already! You can click here --> and click the yellow subscribe button to be able to participate in some contests and giveaways that I will be having soon!!! Thanks again you guys! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Story of a Girl said...
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Vanitys_Edge said...

Hey Iris! So great to see a MUG passing through here!!! Erase paste...what a product! I tell ya, I have applied it in so many different ways! Yes, you can apply after foundation! In fact, sometimes, I like to apply my foundation first simply because, it may cover everything and I may not have to use as much erase paste or none at all! I think, just as long as you blend it well, because it isn't going to be the exact color of your foundation, you are going to be okay and it will serve it's purpose just as well! Make sure, if you apply over your foundation that you set it with something like a Powderflage or Transparent setting powder to keep it from sliding off your face! LOL! The only time I have had an issue applying it after foundation is when I was using Bare Minerals powder foundation. It ended up looking VERY cakey, I couldn't blend it well, and I just ended up having to take my entire face off and start over! Other than that...I believe you will be fine!
Thanks so much for the comment, question, and kind words! Stop back by and let me know how things worked out and if you have any further questions!! Talk to you again soon, I am sure!!!