Wednesday, September 23, 2009

E.L.F Brushes 50% Off!

I just got another ELF Coupon Code for you guys to take advantage of, and this one is GOOD!

Just by entering the code EGBRUA at check out, you can get 50% off all ELF Professional and Studo Line Brushes! These brushes are great and at this price, definatly worth trying for yourself! Especially if you are a Makup Artist and have to have multiples of your brushes, these brushes are a great way to fill in sets!

There happens to be ONE limitation after all....the discount is only up to $15! Now, that is a bummer! I was seriously going to order every brush they had and the rest of the studio stuff I wanted to get to review...but...this just nixed that for me. I will order the studio brushes and some more studio items however. But, I am really bummed that I can't get all the brushes at once to compare. Oh well...maybe next time! LOL! It is still a great deal to get money off!!!

SO...........There is no time to lose!!! Go to NOW and take advantage of these great savings!!!

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