Wednesday, September 2, 2009


IM BACK!!! WOOHOO!!! I got my computer back yesterday and spent the day trying to reconfigure it back the way I had it....yeah, that's not working! I am sure I'll get it there. It will prob be a couple of days until I have new posts on my YouTube page, but I will let you know when vids go up!!! You can also look on the left side of the page to see links to my latest videos!! If you haven't checked it out yet, go and sub! I promise you won't be disappointed! I will honor most every request as long as I have the products!! So, point and click when you finish reading this to the request!

So I am falling in love with Cibu styling products! Their product line is amazing and some of their stylists are on YouTube as well! I began watching Cibu17 and CibuStyleLounge when I got my hair cut and was looking for "short hair styles" to do on myself. I have fallen in love with the channels! I turned on my computer just now and saw that CibuStyleLounge has posted his second subscriber contest and the prizes are AMAZING! There is a Fusion Blowdryer, a Fusion Flat Iron, and a batch of killer Cibu products that will be chosen according to the winner. The contest is SIMPLE!!! Just click this link... ...& watch the video for info! Make sure to click and subscribe to the channel. Once you subscribe, just post a text comment stating that I sent you to subscribe and you did!!! Then, you can get your friends to go sub and participate in the contest for yourself! All you have to do is be one of the first 3 people to get 25 subs to the page and you win!!! Easy-cheezy! I REALLY need a new flat iron! I have killed mine, already, since I couldn't afford to get a decent one in the first place! *tear* I really don't think you will be disappointed in the channel or in these products! If you sub to NatNeagle, you have prob heard her talk about these products. She is who introduced me to them! I can't wait until I can finish saving for my order! I only wish I lived close to one of the salons! (I may have to take a trip!)

So....go sub to and tell him I sent you!!!! For anyone that does, I will figure out a small giveaway for you guys!!! Just let me know in the comments below referring to your comment and his sub page!

Thanks in advance to everyone!!! Go....have some Cibu-Fun!!! Love you guys!! Man...I'm SO glad I'm back! :)

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